The Acute Insight of James Joyce

Perhaps the greatest legacy of the Irish writer James Joyce was his ability to illustrate the development of the human mind and personality, which he did with an accuracy, eloquence, and accomplishment that few writers can match. His description and analysis of the socialization process, and the way that dramatic forces effect and influence a person's character, all lend credence to the idea that the human mind is permeated by and acquires life experiences through the senses.

Thespis and Acting: The Beginning of an Entertainment Revolution

One of the greatest gifts to civilization is the gift of entertainment. Over centuries and millennia, over the course of the rise and fall of several thousand cultures, those means of entertainment have changed. One of the most longstanding forms of entertainment is carried out by “actors.” We see actors every day: actors in television, actors in movies, actors on stage. We even see them in the streets.

The Western Workweek: How Much is Too Much?

As a subdiscipline that focuses on a "top-down" view of economic variables, one of the major issues macroeconomics deals with is productivity -- that is, how productive a society and its component workers are, as measured in output per person-hour. Numerous factors can influence productivity, including capital equipment, management, and technology. However, the single most important factor affecting productivity is labor, measured simply as how hard people are working and how much it costs to pay them.

Spanish-Language Films

Spanish and Latin American cinema has recently enjoyed an upsurge in popularity, with a number of great films picking up award after award at ceremonies around the globe. Here is a selection of the best, from the globally renowned to lesser-known gems.

Medicare Basics

Because the federal government makes changes every year, many people find it difficult to understand Medicare. Is it something you need? What does it cover? How much does it cost? When and how can you sign up? Although there’s thousands of questions associated with the program, most of the answers are simple.

When can I sign up for Medicare?

How to Get That Important First Client in Medical Writing

A job as a freelance medical writer is a great gig – Science Careers says that the average medical writer earned $74,000 or more in 2004. Getting that important first client in freelance medical writing takes a little preparation. Fortunately, the prep work should appeal to you as it includes plenty of research, learning, writing, and communicating with others.

Before you snag that first client, you will need to:

- Establish yourself as a medical professional
- Develop and fill a market niche
- Create an online presence as a medical writer

The Evolution of Vertebrate Flight

One of the defining characteristics of life is its adaptability. There is no environment on Earth, at least within the atmosphere, oceans, and crust, that life hasn't colonized or otherwise made use of. Researchers have identified bacteria in rocks from hundreds of feet below the surface, and now believe that such bacteria—which may equal or exceed the mass of all other living things on Earth combined—play a vital role in various processes linking the biosphere and geosphere.

Choosing the Best Small Pet for Your Child

Owning a small pet can be wonderful experience for a child. They will love watching and interacting with their new friend, and will learn how to be calm, kind and responsible. But choosing which pet to buy can be a difficult decision. With many options available, how do you know which pet will suit your lifestyle? Let’s take a look at the five most popular small pets.