Michael Mann's Collateral

In Collateral (2004, Dir. Michael Mann) we are given two hours to explore one harrowing night in the life of Max, an unassuming taxi driver, and Vincent, a cool and clinical assassin Max unknowingly picks up. What ensues is a relentless struggle between the two men; Vincent calmly pushing toward his goal of five executions before daybreak and Max desperately trying to foil him yet stay alive. What makes this relatively simple story so compelling is the immensely visual nature of the narrative, achieved chiefly through Mann’s careful and artistic direction.

The Role of Nongovernmental Organizations and Fair Trade in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a poor, overpopulated country in Asia which many international organizations and nonprofits across Europe have been interested in assisting for decades. This article discusses some of the barriers to economic development the country faces, and talks about several organizations and the efforts they have made to assist Bangladeshis in building better lives.

One of the worst obstacles to development in modern Bangladesh is that the monsoon season brings floods to Bangladesh, covering about one third of its land area.

Antibiotics to Avoid in Children

Children are not tiny adults. That is a phrase that every medical student has heard many times during his or her medical school career. It is repeated because it is important. Treating children is not as simple as scaling down treatments for adults. In fact, kids are so entirely different that some medications used without concern in adult patients should be completely avoided in a pediatric population. In the world of antibiotics, some are safe for children and some are not.

Finding the Right Designer Breed for You

You may have heard the term designer breed, but do you actually know what a designer breed is? If you are thinking about adding a designer puppy or dog to your home, it is best if you learn a bit about about these pets first. Are they just fancy mutts, and exactly why are these dogs so popular today? Read on to find out.

Just Fancy Mutts?

The Five Rules for Getting a Girlfriend Through Online Dating

Finding a girlfriend can happen over night or it can take years. For many guys nowadays the opportunities to meet new girls are few and far between. Online dating provides a great way to find new people to meet and date, but there is an art to doing it well. First, you have to look datable from your profile information alone, and then you have to be sufficiently engaging in your messages to warrant an actual date. Finally, you have to seal the deal and bag yourself a girlfriend. This article discusses the five rules to help you find Internet love.

Be realistic.

How to Prepare for Your Move Across Borders: An International Moving Guide

Many people these days choose to move overseas. Some have to do so because of their jobs; others simply choose to start a new life in a new country. Whatever the reason, the thought of moving your possessions to another country can be daunting. But planning for your move is an important part of the process and by planning well in advance, you can make sure that moving to another country is trouble-free.

Everyone Deserves Fair Treatment

Harassment is unacceptable, and it is immoral. The action is offensive, unwanted and malicious conduct against one person or a group of people. It can create a lot of undue stress and anxiety within the individual dealing with the harassment. Their families and their own selves can suffer from the detrimental effects from this behavior. Often, the behavior is related to a person’s sex, religion, age, race, nationality, disability or sexual orientation. This act is against the law, and it can result in a large monetary award being paid to the victim of the inappropriate behavior.