Social Media Got You Down? Be More Like Beyoncé

Social media has, in its own way, provided us a means of generating other selves. We just haven’t yet learned to set them free. Beyoncé has.

Debunking The Myth Of The ‘Real’ Robinson Crusoe

Alexander Selkirk was marooned on an island for more than four years. But his story was very different from the famous novel.

The Oral History Of Tinder’s Alluring Right Swipe

In the four years since Tinder’s launch, the right swipe has become the prevailing signifier of our generation — shorthand for like, lust, and (possibly, hopefully, finally) love.

Meet The Charming, Terrifying Face Of The Anti-Islam Lobby

The anti-Islam group ACT for America has a direct line to Donald Trump. Now, it has seized on allegations of a hideous crime in Idaho’s Magic Valley to spread its reach among regular Americans.

Architecture And Prisons: Why Design Matters

When it comes to infrastructure development in developing countries, there are projects that instantly appeal — like hospitals. Or schools. And then there are those that are a much harder sell; sewers, for example, or prisons.

A Guide To The Real-Life Homes Of The Heroes Of Children's Literature

Atlas Obscura mapped the real places that inspired the best kids' books.

Is A Life Without Work One We'd Want To Live?

Being gainfully employed is about more than money. We need to consider what will give our lives purpose and connection in the age of automation.

Photos From A Festival For Ugly People

Piobbico is a tiny village located in the eastern Italian region Marche, that sits between the Apennine Mountains and the Adriatic Sea. I got there on the first Sunday of September, because that's where this year's Festival of the Ugly took place. Hundreds of people gather in this tiny village annually, in order to elect the next president of the World Association of Ugly People.

Scientists Watch An Immune System Fight The Flu In Real Time

To date, biologists have typically had to study the progress of a virus through indirect means, such as studying the antibodies — actually tracking the viruses themselves has been difficult. However, researchers say they've found a way to follow the progress of a virus in real time.

The Fastest County In America

Cabarrus County, North Carolina, is definitely not a hotbed for imported European supercars, nor is it in a big damn Northeastern hurry. But it makes as good a claim as any to be the fastest county in the USA. This is the mecca of going way too fast.

Get To Know, Teens’ New Favorite Social Network, an app you’ve probably never heard of unless you are a teen, or the proud owner of a teen, just raised $100,000,000 in funding. Which means it’s time for you to learn what it is, what it does, and why it’s worth so much money.

My Son, The Prince Of Fashion

I took my son to Paris Fashion Week, and all I got was a profound understanding of who he is, what he wants to do with his life, and how it feels to watch a grown man stride down a runway wearing shaggy yellow Muppet pants.

The Things You Should And Shouldn’t Share With Pals

Towels, toothbrushes and even bars of soap: these are the things you should and should not share with friends.

Japan's Ball Pit Bar Is A Beautiful, Unlikely Combination

Based in Osaka, Japan, Ball Pool Bar Dive is the perfect combination of your dreams from your early childhood and your early twenties.