Will Whore For Food

"Restaurants traffic in illusion. So did my time as a hooker. One man has a vision, a fantasy so specific he will pay for it. One boy-almost-man tries to help spawn that idea. What results: an imprecise rendering as both stagger in a creaky lockstep, heading toward the grabbling, flailing arms of ecstasy."

P-Phubbing Is Ruining Your Relationships

Have you ever p-phubbed? You know, snubbed your partner by checking your phone during your date? Or leaving your iPhone out within reach while you’re on the sofa snogging? Now two researchers say there’s strong evidence that your p-phubbing is wrecking your relationships and making you depressed.

Under The Texan Sun

You can take the psychedelic drug guru out of the jungle, but can you take the jungle out of the psychedelic drug guru?

Harry Potter And The Never-Ending Story

In continuing to tinker with the universe she built eight years after it ended, JK Rowling might be falling into the same trap as Star Wars’ George Lucas.

Searching For The Rice Of The Past — And The Future

To help feed billions of people, scientists braved the snake-infested and croc-filled swamps of northern Australia in search of rice.

A Majority Of Millennials Don’t Think They're Millennials

A new survey from Pew Research shows that "millennial" isn't really how millennials see themselves. Pew asked respondents to identify the generation with which each identified, and sorted them by their "actual" generation. Millennials were less likely than other groups to identify as their "correct" generation.

Guatemalan President Is Jailed Hours After Resigning

Hours after resigning his post as the president of Guatemala, Otto Pérez Molina, a former general and the nation’s most powerful man, was sent to jail to await the conclusion of an evidentiary hearing into his role in a multimillion dollar customs fraud.

The Unflinching Gaze Of Chvrches

Upon the release of Chvrches’ “Leave A Trace” video last month, Mayberry’s insistence on her individuality came under fire. The notoriously vile online community 4chan began a thread about her attire in the clip and tweeted it at her.

Turkey's Lip-Reading Censors

Journalist detentions and rewards for informants: Turkey goes 1984.

Trapped In The Virtual Classroom

To what extent are the uniquely human elements of our lives, things not reproducible by mechanical or technical substitutes, the result of spontaneous or unplanned experience? Such experience, whatever we think of it, is made possible by the arts of give-and-take that we learn in the physical presence of human beings.

Google Chrome Just Made Big Changes To Save Your Battery

Today the company rolled out a new version of Chrome with further improvements oriented around performance, and they promise to make life easier for laptop warriors who regularly find themselves with dozens of open tabs (ahem).