20-Years-Ago Everyone Did The Macarena At The DNC And It Was Glorious

in 1996, the Macarena was all the rage, so of course the political machine sucked up the popular dance and spat out this joyous monstrosity.

Former Fox News Booker Says She Was 'Psychologically Tortured' By Roger Ailes For More Than 20 Years

Over the course of several interviews, Laurie Luhn alternated between composed, detailed recollections and outbursts of grief, shame, anger, and paranoia. “I've always wondered,” she said, “would the truth come out?”

Post-Tour Crits: The Pro Wrestling Of Cycling

It’s not uncommon for waifish climbers such as Chris Froome and Fränk Schleck to outsprint a field of tree-trunk-legged kermesse riders on a pancake-flat course. The races would make Vince McMahon proud.

In 1972, Two Women Ran For President. It Didn't Go Well.

Even feminists hesitated to support a female candidate.

Tickle Me Elmo Turns 20

For the 20th anniversary of the doll’s release in summer 1996, Mental Floss assembled the inventors, designers, marketers, and industry insiders who helped make Tickle Me Elmo one of the biggest success stories in the history of toys to talk about how the furry red monster became a pop culture phenomenon.

Taco Bell Is Testing Out A Burrito Stuffed With Cheetos

Tests will start mid-August in Cincinnati and the burritos will cost $1.

Who Gives A Damn About Planet HD 131399Ab?

Planets in our solar system flaunt mythological names, but the 3,368 confirmed planets beyond Pluto’s orbit do not.

A Liberal Talking Head Reveals The Truth About Fox News

"It's amazing what you'll say for a lot of money, or very little money, or, in my case, no money."