An Essential Guide To Cheap Red Wine

An Italian-American, Buffalo native reared on bottom-shelf vino recommends her favorite picks.

The Defense Department Wants Your Ideas For A Military Space Plane

It’s your chance to show Elon Musk who’s really the boss: The United States Department of Defense is accepting designs for a military space plane that the agency plans on launching by 2020.

Headphone-Wearing DJ Doesn't Realize Speakers Have Cut Out, Keeps On Dancing By Himself

EDM producer KSHMR was performing in Toronto when the venue's speakers died. KSHMR, who was wearing headphones, was quite oblivious to that fact and kept on doing his thing.

Sweden Has Too Many Men

Sweden is experiencing a male surplus of around 12,000 men, which doesn’t seem like a lot when compared to a population of 10 million, but researchers expect there to be a growing gap between genders.

The Invention Of The Paper Bag Was A Triumph Of Feminism

How one 19th century woman transformed our bags forever.

Zika Is Giving People A Paralyzing Condition — I Had It 13 Years Ago

The medical community is alarmed by a surge in cases of the debilitating Guillain-Barré Syndrome. Back when I got it, no one had any idea what was wrong with me.

Researchers Want To Create An Island Full Of Rattlesnakes

The timber rattlesnake's population has been decimated, but biologists are hoping it will thrive on an uninhabited island in Massachusetts.

Citizen Khan

Behind a Muslim community in northern Wyoming lies one enterprising man — and countless tamales.

Octopuses May Indeed Be Your New Overlords

The tentacle boom is an unexpected outcome of climate change in the oceans.

The Richest Families In Florence In 1427 Are Still The Richest Families In Florence

While it comes as little surprise that families pass on their wealth to their children, it’s still somewhat remarkable that these families were able to maintain their wealth through various sieges of Florence, Napoleon’s campaign in Italy, Benito Mussolini’s dictatorship, and two world wars.

Why The Very Poor Have Become Poorer

Between 1996 and 2012, the number of people living in "extreme" poverty has doubled.

Hackers Stole 65 Million Passwords From Tumblr, New Analysis Reveals

This data breach is now listed on Have I Been Pwned as the third largest ever, after the hack of 164 million LinkedIn accounts and the breach of 152 million Adobe accounts.

A Massive New Study Links Being A Workaholic To A Myriad Of Other Psychiatric Disorders

Troublingly, a recently published study of 16,426 working adults in Norway found that those with workaholism are significantly more likely to have psychiatric symptoms.